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Atari Chat / Highlander insight for the Jag CD
« on: July 05, 2013, 21:06:12 PM »
I don't think this has been covered (a quick search didn't bring any results).  About 6 months ago I came across a video review of Highlander for the Jaguar, in the comments was a post (which seems legit) from someone who was on the development team.  I've pasted it below, I found it interesting and completely believable.  I've never known anyone who might find it interesting (besides my wife pretending), until I came across the group here!

I worked for Lore Design during the development of the game.  (I did some of the tools, including the 3D maths converting the motion capture data into animations used by the rendering engine, which was quite new at the time.)  We were a bunch of 24-year-olds who were keen, but relatively inexperienced.   We were getting pulled every which way by the producers, so to be frank, it's was a miracle the game was shipped at all. Seriously, we weren't particularly enamoured with the fact that the game had to be based on the cartoon.  My colleagues and I quite liked the original film.  The cartoon was just wrong. And the storyboard for the game didn't come together well.  I believed you picked up on that.

God alone knows where the funding came from .  (Ok. my boss at the time, Steve Mitchell, would know, too.)  It was the last game produced by Lore Design - the company folded shortly after the game shipped.

The Jaguar CD platform was quite buggy, and ever so resource-constrained.  This had significant bearing on the style of the game.  And it wasn't as if there was the Quake engine or similar you could buy in for the Atari Jaguar CD - everything had to be coded by hand, from scratch.

I remember joking with Paul C, the chap who did the 'music', that his painstakingly-crafted 2-second loops "didn't really go anywhere".  He spent ages on them, and was chomping at the bit to do something that didn't go back to the start after a few seconds.  We were toying with the idea of writing a small wavetable synthesis engine, but there wasn't enough RAM or CPU to do that, without compromising the graphics.  Paul almost went nuts crafting those looping tracks.  Poor sod.

Needless to say, many of us drank significantly during the development. Dunno if that was cause or effect.

Excellent review of yours, though.  All entirely fair comments. 

Thanks for going to all the trouble of getting the footage.  Viewing it brought back plenty of memories.

Kudos to you.

If anyone is interested the full link is here:
(This isn't a plug for the site, I've never been to it or watched one of the videos except for some of this jag one)

Introductions / Hello from across the ocean!
« on: June 28, 2013, 18:55:17 PM »
Hey everyone!  I was referred here from the RG forums.  I'm a big Intellivision and Atari Jaguar lover (maybe it's that keypad that I can't get enough of).  I'm working on an entire Intellivision collection but the Playcable and Blue Whale continue to elude me :(

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