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Homebrew Chat / New ZX Spectrum game: SQIJ 2018
« on: January 05, 2018, 09:43:31 AM »
With this post I think I've posted everywhere, LOL, but my latest game SQIJ came out a couple of days ago.

Most Spectrum users will probably know that the official Spectrum version of SQIJ from 1987 is one of - if not THE - worst game for the ZX Spectrum, but lately I've been working on a new version.

So this is a remake of the original C64 version (complete with same map and item placements) so it's actually playable, unlike the official Spectrum version  ;D

Dare I say it - even better than the C64 version. That version was so fast - that while technically a lot better than the official Spectrum version - it was just unplayable due to its speed, but I've slowed the action down a lot here, to make it more playable.

It should also get a cassette release in the near future.

Well, this was a fun project. I hope you will enjoy it :)

Go here to download and read more:

Homebrew Chat / New(-ish) game for the ZX Spectrum - Vallation.
« on: December 01, 2016, 15:37:49 PM »
I'd forgotten to post on here about a game I made 5 months ago, but Zapiy asked me to post about it, so here we are. :)

Back in July I released a new game called 'Vallation'. Well, not entirely new - it's a remake of a C64 game, but I've coded it in Z80 for the 48K Spectrum. Craig Stevenson - aka. Redballoon - has made the graphics and Johan Elebrink – aka. Brink - did the music.

Basically it's a Cyberoid style maze game - also set in space - and you’re flying your little spaceship through an enemy complex and trying to escape while trying to avoid getting shot by enemies, colliding with missiles and so on.

This version has 30 screens more than the original version - and shooting enemies (not present in the C64 version).

Go to the site - here - to read more about the game - and to download it.

The 48K version is a free download, but the plan is to make a 128K version and release both of them on physical tape with the 128K version being a tape-exclusive.

Most of the code for the 128K version is done (the most important bits anyway); there is a multi-directional 5th level that brings the total number of screens up to 150, AY music and sound effects, different shooting mechanics and pickups too. And hopefully more graphics but Craig has been busy with other things so the extended version is currently stalled. Hopefully there will be some progress soon.

Edit: Btw, we've been approached by 5-6 different people all interested in releasing Vallation on cassette, but I talked to Kenz at Psytronik back in July about the cassette release and they will release the game for us once the 128K version is ready.

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