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I am searching for a futur project of mine.

Atari Jaguar:
- Battlesphere
- Braindead 13
- Cannon Fodder
[s:2gfc5npw]- Chekered Flag[/s:2gfc5npw]
- Defender 2000
- Evolution: Dino Dudes
- Flip Out
- Hover Strike
- International Sensible Soccer
- Kasumi Ninja (with bandana sticker)
- Kasumi Ninja (Without bandana sticker)
- Painter the Jag-Fest 2003 edition
- Skyhammer
- Soccer Kid
- Space Ace
- Syndicate
- Tempest 2000
- Trevor Mc Fur in the GRescent Galaxy
- Troy Aikman Football
- Val d'Isère Skying & Snowboarding
- Zool 2

Amiga CD32
- Cannon Fodder
- Dispensable Hero
- Fears
- Humans 1 & 2
- Humans 3
- Power Drive
- Sensible soccer Euroepan Champion
- Soccer Kid
- Space Ace
- Syndicate
- Zool
- Zool 2
- Worms

Super Nintendo
- Doom
- Double Dagon V
- Dragon
- Pitfall: the Mayan Adventure
- Phalanx
- Power Drive
- Starwing
- Syndicate
- Theme Park
- Zool

- Double DRagon V
- Dragon
- Pitfall: the Mayan Adventure
- Power Drive
- Steel Talon
- Syndicate
- Theme Park
- Zool

- Anotrher World
- BC Racer
- Braindead 13
- Cannon Fodder
- Demolition Man
- Doom
- Dragon's Lair
- Flashback
- Microcosm
- Power Slide
- Primal Raage
- Rise of the robot
- Space Ace
- Syndicate
- Way of the Warrior
- Wolfenstein 3D
Homebrew Chat / Philia - Atari Jaguar
May 06, 2014, 13:21:10 PM
[align=center:14ut4hn3][size=140]Philia is the sequel to Elansar, which is already available on Atari Jaguar.

Like Elansar it is also a point'n click 'à la myst' where you have to solve riddles in order to advance.   

Here is a video of the beta up and running on the Jaguar CD.[/size]

Philia - the Sequel to Elansar, Running on Atari Jaguar CD on Vimeo[/align:14ut4hn3]
Retro News & Chat / The Treasure of Arethia
April 07, 2014, 15:38:03 PM
What is Arethia it is my game room ... Well my Game cupboard.... IT may also be the name of my town, Kinghdom on the several MMO-RPG.

I do not have lots of picture and most of them are outdated. But I'm planning on doing new pictures. I will update this thread from time to time.

Listed by Manufacturer in alphabetic order.

I'll do the rest later ^^

Guys I'm just posting a 'Save the date' for the RGC 2013. 

The RGC 2013 will be held on October 26th and 27th. The RGC is a retro gaming convention in France (Meaux in the near of Paris).

You will be able to see tons of hardware and software all in free to play. But also take part to a retro gaming tournament of three games (1 one player, 1 two player versus, 1 four players).

But We will also have a conference on the history of video gaming, presentation of projects, and special stands as we do celebrate quite a few anniversary this year.
That being aid I would like to see more foreigner at our convention. This year for the AC we got 7 foreigner out of 70 participants (10 % of the total).

That is why I'm posting this poll in order to know why you would come or not.

If you wish to see more here are a few videos.

Baroudeur - on Hector (The one player game tournament)

Windjammer - Neo Geo AES (the two player tournament)

Quizz finale

Micro machine (the four player tournament)

Revival (présentation of the magazine)

Bomb in pixel (a homebrew atari VCS 2600 game)

Bug'n bots ( a homeborw colecovision game)

Mindwalls (a homebrew colecovision game)
Homebrew Chat / Dynamite Dreams for Sega Dreamcast
April 23, 2013, 17:02:27 PM
Hi every one!

I'm not used to this kind of exercise (so please gentle with me :-[ ).

I would like to present to you a homebrew project on the Dreamcast scene which has been a work in progress for quite a long time now (do not remember when I first heard of it).

It is a Bomberman clone with lot of new game modes such as:

- Assault teams who have to destroy the safes of the enemy
- Bodyguard with one celebrity to protect, one bodyguard, 23 killers
- Mental calculation death match where you have to to make the calculation. Once the time is over the screen will be divided into four    parts. One of them has the correct result, if you do not get it then you're dead
- Classic death match
- Story mode
They had an issue finding the right publisher but the game is nearly complete.

Some screenshots:




[size=140]Here is the official trailer to the game:[/size][/align:i0jwnvdg]

Introductions / Hello from Paris France
April 18, 2013, 11:47:08 AM

I'm Guillaume (aka Arethius_RGC) born in Paris - France - in 1980. I'm video game collector since the age of 15. Before I was not allowed to have a video game console.
I came to this site  via the Forum

My first console was the Nintendo NES then I got Atari Jaguar (which remains one of my favorite) then I have sold my console to buy others, in 1999 I started the collection.
My ambition as a collector to have all video game console with at least one game I like on it.

My favorite consoles Atari Jaguar, CD-I, Playstation One, Sega Megadrive.

My collection upto date is more or less :
- 50 gamings systems
- 900 games
- 150 accessories
- 200 others items (t-shirt, pin's, OST, poster, books, ...)

But I'm not only a collector, I'm also play an active part in the Retro-video gaming community in France.

In 2002 I joined a Atari Jaguar community in France and together we organized the first Jaguar Connexion (JC) then we organised 5 of them until 2006. In this year we founded the Retro-Gaming Connexion Association (which I am the President) and we splitted the JC in two conventions :
- the AC : originally an ATARI based convention, now a retro video computer convention
- the RGC : a global retro gaming convention.

Now we organise five conventions per year:
- the Mecha Gaming Convention: a mecha themed convention with a Steel-Battalion lan-party (last year 16 steel battalion), but also Virtua On, Iron Soldier...
- the AC : the retro video computer convention with its coding party (code a game in 24 hours) .
- the Balades de Congis whih are the open door meeting of the town we are laocated in.
- One musical game evening (in July this year) Rock band, guitar hera, DJ Hero, but much more.
- the RGC in october.

But we also have some other product such as T-shirt, manual, and games. Our latest and most ambitious project Another World on ATARI Jaguar (to be release soon).

Right I'm finished. Sorry if I borrowed you with my advertising but I'd like to have more strangers on our conventions. Besides forgive me if my english is faulty.

I hope to have good contact with you guys.