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Yes folks, I thought I would advertise it here too. A chatroom which is populated sometimes by The Laird, Bobinator and other veterans of this forum. We talk about everything retro from Atari through to that Playstation thing. Admittedly, things do steer off topic on occasions :113:
I've got a Panasonic 14" CRT TV from 2005 which I prefer to use for any retrogaming from the 8/16 bit era. It's special in that it can properly interpret an A/V NTSC signal properly, showing it at 60fps with the right colours, whereas beforehand, the best you could get were TVs with PAL60 (full screen but with the wrong colours for Atari 2600).

I'm interested in knowing if there are bigger CRT TVs are out there which can interpret NTSC properly through an A/V. I don't have much time for PAL consoles back then with their 17% speed difference, so for me it's essential. Go on, hit me with some sh1t.
Spectrum Chat / Spectrum games in the 1990s
December 22, 2013, 08:58:38 AM
One of Laird's posts in the Chase HQ thread linked to an interesting rip-off called Miami Cobra GT from 1991. It made me realise how little I know about the Spectrum in the 90s because by then I was following the consoles, so I'd like to hear your suggestions of games I should try for the Spectrum from 1991-1993.

What else from that time is worth playing?