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Retro News & Chat / New Retro Album - Memories in 8-Bit
« on: January 18, 2014, 16:45:03 PM »
I first found out about Liam Fretwell's music last year and I promptly bought a copy of his album 'Evolution (8-Bit Girl)'.  It's been a firm favourite on my iPod ever since.  I'm not sure if I posted on RVG already about it.  It's a superb collection of 8-Bit inspired music.

Here's the full track listing - Evolution (8-Bit Girl);
1. Back In The Day - 3:42
2. 1984 - 3:44
3. His Name Was SID - 10:09
4. Evolution (8-Bit Girl) - 04:04
5. ConsciousNES - 03:45
6. Continue? - 7:10
7. His Name Was SID (Radio Edit) - 4:32
8. Evolution (8-Bit Girl) (12-Bit Loading Screen Remix) - 11:44

There's a sample track here

I was pleased to receive an email this week announcing a new album so I thought it was a great opportunity to let you guys know.  The new album, Memories in 8-Bit, promises more 8-Bit inspired music and I for one can't wait to hear it.  It's available as a digital download but, excitingly,  there's a limited edition CD (50 units) and, very uniquely, a limited edition (20 units) cassette!  Very cool.   Again, there's a track, called 'Collision Detection', available to preview here

Here's the full Track Listing - Memories in 8-Bit;
1.Electrical Pulses
2.In The Middle of a Dream
3.Peeks & Pokes
4.Out of Memory
5.R Tape Loading Error
7.Dancing Sprites
8.Illuminated Destiny
10.Collision Detection
11.Collision Detection (Radio Edit) 04:18

The track names tell you a lot of what you need to know about what you're going to hear.  Great production values and superb fresh sounding 8-Bit tunes.

More info, downloads and previews here >>

equinoxe - Evolution (8-Bit Girl) Web Advert

Announcements and Feedback / Tabs
« on: November 21, 2012, 23:38:55 PM »

Arcade tab selected, highlighted and page displayed below.

These two show when the tab is highlighting home instead of the page I visit.
Interviews tab selected, home tab highlighted, Interviews page displayed.

As above, but Reviews tab selected.

Retro News & Chat / Mike Singleton
« on: October 15, 2012, 22:46:15 PM »
I just read on Twitter that Mike Singleton has died. Sad news for gaming  :(

He wrote 2 of my favourite games, Lords of Midnight & Doomdarks Revenge. I feel pretty gutted to say the least and from an exceptionally selfish point if view I still want LoM on iOS! Hopefully someone will finish Mike's work.  Maybe we'll one day see part 3 of the LoM series. A fitting thing to happen I think.

Introductions / Found my way here... .. .
« on: July 07, 2012, 14:42:52 PM »
. . . from the RG forum.  I was encouraged to check out RVG by reading the Retro Games Review Guide thread over on RG, posted by Jagfest.  So, I really like the reviews and the look of the site so I thought I'd join up.  Hopefully I'll be able to contribute and I look forward to the reviews and general content of the site expanding.  A little C64 wouldn't go amiss  8)

I recognise a few user names which is nice.  I can't see how to view a list of forum members? Maybe I should get my glasses, but in the meantime if someone could point me in the direction of the members list that'd be great.

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