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General Retro Chat / Finding Retro
« on: April 13, 2021, 13:35:09 PM »
So how does everyone go about finding retro games and what was some of your best finds? For me it was mostly charity shops (thrift shops) and local carboot sales and flea markets but in the last few years the flea market has dried up nothing seems to be making its way onto the stalls but back in the day (2010ish) I used to walk down at 5.30am to get the bargains picked up some amazing things, like ps1 games like klonoa for £1, amiga cd32 for £15, boxed Philips cdi console for £10 (they thought it was a CD player lol) and countless other stuff was great times lol.

But I have also made flyers a while ago and even posted them through doors and that's where I got my best stuff got a text one guy and he said was I interested in a few bits he had as he was going to bin it as he had no room for it. Was alsorts dreamcast games, nes games, masters systems and gamecube stuff  all for £100  I bit his hand off lol,and I think that was my best find and kept most of it... I'll see if I can find a picture of the haul later.

Sony Chat / PlayStation 1 link up cable
« on: April 11, 2021, 20:45:34 PM »
Did anyone else ever use one of these, I have some good memories using it with mates, to play doom and red alert 2, it blew my mind back in the day how it worked but it was so much fun. Wasn't cheap as u needed 2 copies of the game and two ps1' but was so worth. I'm actually thinking of setting it up again for a blast from the past, anyone play any other games with it.

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