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Title: Let's Compare Contra Spirits/Contra III
Post by: TrekMD on August 01, 2020, 16:56:27 PM
Contra Spirits, also known as Super Contra 3, is a pirated Famicom port of Contra III: The Alien Wars (Contra Spirits in Japan and Super Probotector: Alien Rebels in Europe) for the SNES, made by Ei-How Yang (and possibly others) in 1995. It was only released in 1997.

The powerups are limited when compared with the original games, with the only collectable weapons being the laser and spread guns, and these function slightly differently. The spread gun only fires in 3 directions as opposed to 5 and the laser only does 2 regular shots of damage. The smart bombs are also kept in this version and function similarly to those from the SNES game.

The player can start with anywhere between 3 and 9 lives (between 3 and 30 in the rerelease) through the use of the options screen, although there are no continues in this game. (there also appears to be no way to gain extra lives here either) There is also a sound test there, although the difficulty option was removed.

The controls are similar, although the player can change direction while crouched. Due to the limited number of buttons, the player now only has one gun as opposed to two. The controls are actually very similar to the original Contra.

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