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Title: Chris Blackbourn Questions Needed.
Post by: zapiy on February 06, 2018, 13:27:05 PM

RVG's latest interview is with Chris Blackbourn, creator of the awesome Skidmark game on the Amiga. Below is a breakdown of what and where Chris has worked.

2012-Present Independent Game Developer

Waipu, Northland, New Zealand

• Developing amazing independent games.

2011-2012 Ubisoft

Montreal, QC

• Team Lead, Gameplay on unannounced title.

2007-2011 BioWare / EA

Edmonton, AB, Montreal, QC

• Designed and co-implemented domain-specific language and runtime for specifying autonomous agent behavior in UE3.

• Scrum master for an unannounced episodic UE3 title.

• Contributed to Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2.

• Requirements gathering for Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer.

2003-2007 Lionhead Studios / Microsoft

Guildford, UK

• Integrated RenderWare Physics SDK (now EAPhysics) into Black & White 2.

• Provided a crucial bridge between the gameplay and graphics teams.

• Key debugger for 1000KLoC codebase.

• Designed and implemented AI improvements for “Battle of the Gods” expansion pack.

• Added visualizers for physics assets and navmesh into C# editor for Fable II.

• Prototyped “Team Racer”, a co-operative multiplayer racing game for XBLA.

2003 Heriot-Watt University

Edinburgh, UK

• Provided easy to use front end for specifying ensemble methods for 3D FEM simulation.

• Optimized and debugged Beowulf cluster, including data aggregation and analysis.

1998-2002 Right Hemisphere

Auckland, NZ

• Led a team of eight programmers developing tools for 3D content creators.

• Developed industry leading UV unwrapping tools for Deep UV.

• Wrote multi-threaded model renderer for Deep Paint 3D.

• Technical lead for co-development with leading Japanese 2D animation company.

• Added internationalization support to our skinnable GUI system.

1997-2002 Hilltop Publishing

Auckland, NZ

• Sole member of the IT department for a small magazine publishing company.

1992-1998 Acid Software

Auckland, NZ, Leamington Spa, UK

• Lead developer of the 3 person team responsible for the “Skidmarks” family of multiplayer racing games for Amiga ECS, Amiga AGA and Sega Genesis.

• Developed prototypes for Playstation, Jaguar, 3dfx, OpenGL and DirectX.

Please ask your questions here.
Title: Re: Chris Blackbourn Questions Needed.
Post by: Greyfox on February 06, 2018, 20:10:02 PM
1. With a great varied history within the game industry what was you best experience within these companies and why?

2. Back to your Amiga Days what was the perception of creating video games with Piracy lurking on every corner, must have been difficult to bare?

3. Did you at anytime during your programming infanty, did you ever program any Amiga demo or part of the Amiga demo scene in the 1990's?

4. if so which group and what demos where involved in? If not skip to the next question.

5. It must have been difficult to have worked on a lot of unfinished productions? Was this in your opinion justified in their final decision to cancel or complete their undisclosed titles?

6. Who was the best team you felt worked very well you were apart of and what was the best title you feel you enjoyed the most?
Title: Re: Chris Blackbourn Questions Needed.
Post by: zapiy on February 07, 2018, 12:08:46 PM
Nice one bud, keep them coming all.
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