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Title: Updated ZX Spectrum homebrew: APULIJA-13 V2.0
Post by: Corporal Jonlan on January 31, 2018, 17:32:09 PM
Hello everyone!

Apulija-13, the game that Jonathan Caldwell himself listed among those better showing what you can do with AGD, is back - and it's bigger, bolder and better than ever!


What's new in version 2.0:

- This version is based upon the Director’s Cut, but also runs on 48K Spectrums (without AY background music) and has two more screens.
- The ‘forced perspective’ has been dropped in favor of a top-down view similar to that of Laser Squad, with the aim of making game locations wider and more orderly.
- Game area proportions are now 1:1.
- Two difficulty levels: easy/hard.
- The extra part is now accessible through a secret code that the player must discover.
- A separate key for picking up objects is not needed anymore; this is now done by pressing the FIRE key.
- A new information panel has been added.
- Sprites are no more all white.
- Jonlan now wears his typical golden armor (as in Laser Squad).
- Sprites for the walking Jonlan, the white human enemy and the alien globe have all been retouched. In particular, Jonlan now points his weapon only when he shoots.
- A death animation for Jonlan and an explosion animation for the surveillance droid have been added.
- Enemies now cause damage more slowly.
- The surveillance droid now explodes on contact with Jonlan.
- Human enemies now occasionally drop a box containing a small amount of health or ammunition when eliminated.
- Several small changes to the scenery elements: some (doors, crates, the energy core, beds etc.) have been redesigned; the walls of the various sections of the base are now different from each other. Their disposition in several screens has also been modified.
- Half of the objects are now randomly placed at game start.
- All of the objects are now visible.
- A new object has been added, the fire extinguisher.
- Instead of leaving the bomb in front of the energy core, Jonlan must now touch the core while carrying the bomb to place it.
- Some minor changes to text messages.
- Additional sound effects.
- (128K only) AY background music.
- New keyboard redefinition routine, allowing the user to choose any of the keys.
- High scores table.
- The loading screen has been retouched.

Game and documentation are still available in six languages - Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

Download it for free from:

Title: Re: Updated ZX Spectrum homebrew: APULIJA-13 V2.0
Post by: zapiy on January 31, 2018, 21:20:56 PM
As always fella, awesome.
Title: Re: Updated ZX Spectrum homebrew: APULIJA-13 V2.0
Post by: Corporal Jonlan on February 12, 2018, 14:55:31 PM
As always fella, awesome.
Thanks!  ;D

And here is version 2.01!

What's new:
- a bug that could, under certain circumstances, alter the normal proceeding of the game has been corrected;
- when typing your name for the high score table, pressing DELETE (CAPS SHIFT + 0 for the 48K) will erase the last inserted character, while by pressing ENTER the name will be inserted immediately.

Download link is the same.
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