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Title: Let's Compare - Pac-Man Arrangement
Post by: TrekMD on April 08, 2017, 18:29:00 PM
Pac-Man Arrangement is a remake of the game Pac-Man. It was released in 1996 by Namco as part of Namco Classic Collection Vol. 2. This was also the first Pac-Man game to officially introduce the Clyde/Blinky naming error, meaning Clyde was red and Blinky was orange almost like a "color swap." In addition, it is the only Pac-Man game to include the ghost Kinky, who combines with the four main ghosts to form stronger, super-powered enemies.


Like the original Pac-Man, Pac-Man Arrangement is a maze game in which the objective is to clear all Pac-Dots on the board by eating them and avoiding hazardous contact with the ghosts that also inhabit the maze.

There are 6 worlds, numbering 0–5, and 23 rounds total.

In the arcade version, if one player is playing and another player inserts a coin (unless free play is selected in the game options) and presses the 2P Start button, Player 2 will spawn a green Pac-Man that will play alongside Player 1. At the end of each level, scores for each player are counted up. The player with the most points wins over the other player.

Each Pac-Dot is worth 10 points (except for the ones placed by Crybaby, which are worth 20). Each Power Pellet is worth 50 points. After Pac-Man munches a Power Pellet, the ghosts will--as in all Pac-Man games--switch direction, turn blue, and become vulnerable to Pac-Man. The first blue ghost eaten after Pac-Man consumes the Power Pellet is worth 200 points. The next one is 400, then 800, then 1600. Since this game features more than four ghosts, it is also possible to consume a fifth blue ghost for 3200 points and, on rare occasions, another one for 7650. Mutated ghosts are worth double the points above. Items (see Items section below) are usually worth 1000 points, with the exception of the yellow pill, worth 100. Fruits vary in point value.

This game, unlike the original Pac-Man, includes plenty of bonus features that make it stand apart. The major difference is the inclusion of the new ghost Kinky, which can combine with other ghosts to form more powerful morphs. These hybrid ghosts, discussed more in the "Ghosts" section, have unique special abilities, are twice the size of the normal ghosts, and are worth double points if eaten.

In the second level of every world, there are single-use dash arrows on the floor that allow Pac-Man to rapidly zip from one end of the board to the other end, though steering is possible. After using up a dash panel, touching ghosts will render them dizzy and temporarily motionless, and they will not be able hurt Pac-Man. However, if Pac-Man traverses the dash arrow opposite the direction it is pointing, he will slow down and be vulnerable to attack.

The fourth levels of each world feature "Warp Gates" that allow Pac-Man and ghosts to travel across the maze. Touching a Warp Gate will transport whomever touched it to the corresponding Warp Gate of the same color on the other side of the map. Encountering a ghost directly after or during a warp also will not harm Pac-Man.

There are also additional power-up items that appear occasionally (see the "Items" section). The dots on the maps of each level will sometimes shimmer and increase in size. Eating the dots in this state will slow Pac-Man down, unless he had eaten an orange pill.

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