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Title: Let's Compare - Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom
Post by: TrekMD on December 21, 2015, 04:16:03 AM
Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom is a 1985 action arcade game developed and published by Atari Games, based on the 1984 film of the same name, the second film in the Indiana Jones franchise.[2] It is also the first Atari System 1 arcade game to include digitized speech, including voice clips of Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones and Amrish Puri as Mola Ram, as well as John Williams' music from the film.


The player assumes the role of Indiana Jones as he infiltrates the lair of the evil Thuggee cult, armed only with his trademark whip. The player's ultimate goal is to free the children the cult has kidnapped as slaves, recover the stolen relics known as "Sankara Stones," and escape from the titular temple. Throughout Temple of Doom's several modes of gameplay, Indy loses a life if hit once (sustaining physical contact with enemies or other hazards), or from falling onto a walkable surface from too far a height. After choosing a difficulty level, the player begins the game, initially composed of three levels, each based on specific scenes from the film.

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Title: Re: Let's Compare - Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom
Post by: Greyfox on December 22, 2015, 11:27:31 AM
Indiana Jones is one of those movie franchises that was at the base of my childhood as both a cinema goer and video gamer and as a kid when the group of us (kids) played cops and robbers, I was always completely influenced and thinking I was Indiana Jones as I shot from the hip lol..

So after raiders, Temple of Doom appeared and I remember the very first time I looked upon the machine and thought, OMG, they've captured the movie in a perfect video game and told my friends when i grow up and get a job , i was going to buy an Indiana Jones Arcade machine, I loved this game so much I even designed a 1 in the world only T-shirt design front and back that sits in my T-shirt drawer and wear it with pride demonstrating the Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom arcade game heritage.

For me it has to be the original Arcade machine version, but loved the job they did on the c64 version making that the best 8-bit version of the game, It wasn't until the Atari ST version appeared that my day was made, although it's not really a great conversion, it had all the elements of the Arcade version and loved it for that reason and also the fact I had finally had Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom in my house, I may not of managed to purchased the coin-op original, but this was the next best thing. As you've probably guessed it, this will be in the Coin-Op:Arcade Book :).

Thanks for posting this one.
Title: Re: Let's Compare - Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom
Post by: TrekMD on December 22, 2015, 11:43:28 AM
I spent hours playing the arcade version when I was in college.  Loved the game!  I was disappointed with the NES version, though, which is the only "home version" of the game that I have.  It is not really an arcade translation.