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Title: SSF Saturn Emu
Post by: Saturn on September 06, 2015, 22:54:11 PM
The SSF is my favorite emulator! There hasn't been an update since 6/8/2013 but I love this thing and try to keep up with the developer in Japan. If anyone is new to it, everything you should need (besides games) is on this page :)
Dev's page translated to English ( with the latest version
A list of confirmed working games with different versions (
All the previous versions (
SSF Tribute site ( Best all around info site imo
Info and cfg resources for SSF (
SSF Guide & Trouble shooter (
CD Image Repair guide (
Using cheats with SSF ( I've done quite a bit with this info using CEP over the years. VERY handy app and means of cheating 8) Download CEP (

Step by step CEP instructions:
Spoiler: show

NOTE: Master Codes are not supported and NOT needed.

1. Open a game and start playing, then pause
2. On SSF toolbar click About(A)-cep(C) buttons
3. Move 'cep base address' box to side of screen
4. From inside 'CEP' folder open 'APPLIST.TXT'
5. Compare 02 & 60 addresses and change APPLIST.TXT to match. (They will change w/in SSF each time the program is started)
6. When updated, quick save and close 'APPLIST.TXT'. Click OK and close 'cep base address'
7. From inside 'CEP' folder open CEP.EXE
8. Look up code(s) to be used
9. Under 'Process-Select Application' tab click 02 or 60 (if both types will be used, a 2nd instance of CEP will need to be opened for the other)
10. Without any more changes move to Cheat tab
10b. ex; for Invincible P1 the 'real' code is 3601E631 00FF.
    Since it's a "360" code (the 1st 3 digits), it must be changed to "300"1E631 00FF (minus the quote marks).
    "360" codes don't have the last four digits flip flopped so they're exactly as the original code.
    So basically:
    3601E631 00FF = 3001E631 00FF
11. Paste the code into the field, highlight them and click On
12. Play the game w/ cheats enabled

If you need other code(s) enabled beginning w/ 102 or 160, open a 2nd instance of CEP.EXE for these starting at step 7 above.
 ex; for Max Weapon Level P1:
    Max Weapon Level P1
    1601CE02 0021 = 8001CE02 2100 (<--last four digits flip flopped as pairs)
    1601CE04 2121 = 8001CE04 2121 (<--last four digits flip flopped as pairs)

If codes begin with numbers either 302 or 360 they must be changed to 300 (with the rest of the code matching exactly)
    302????? xxyy <-------> 300????? xxyy
    360????? xxyy <-------> 300????? xxyy
If codes begin with numbers either 102 or 160 they must be changed to 800 (with the last four characters flip flopped as pairs)
    102????? xxyy <-------> 800????? yyxx
    160????? xxyy <-------> 800????? yyxx

Also I learned that Joker commands starting with
these first 3 digits D6057F52 FFEF, can be use on this
option, SSF(60 160-360)|SSF.EXE|059403C0|$00100000

Just change the first 3 digits of the Joker command from D6057F52 FFEF to D0057F52 FFEF

So we could even update the option to SSF(60 160-360-D60)| SSF.EXE|059403C0|$00100000

For anyone that doesn't know a Joker command makes a code activate when
a specific button is pressed.

For example D0057F52 FFEF is the Joker command for UP on the control pad...

And 8005C570 0400 is the code for infinite double jump...

So putting the code into CEP like this...

D0057F52 FFEF
8005C570 0400

Will make infinite double jump only activate when you press up.

BSFree codes for CEP (
Title: Re: SSF Saturn Emu
Post by: Greyfox on September 06, 2015, 23:29:11 PM
this is one emulator that has always gotten the better of me, but thanks to this compiled info I should finally be able to play some classics

many thank man for taking the time out to put this together, quality work fella :113:
Title: Re: SSF Saturn Emu
Post by: Saturn on September 07, 2015, 04:55:55 AM
Cool man, & I'm no authority on it but may be able to help if you run into problems this time around.
I know I can't live without Dead Or Alive on this system so it's a must for me lol.
Title: Re: SSF Saturn Emu
Post by: zapiy on September 08, 2015, 10:06:12 AM
Cracking info fella.

I will have a fun through on this and let you know how i get on.
Title: Re: SSF Saturn Emu
Post by: Saturn on July 03, 2019, 09:43:27 AM
geocities in Japan shut down at the end of March 2019 so the original website is gone but latest versions and info can be found on Shimu's Twitter page here: (
I signed up just to follow :)
Have been playing a lot of SSF lately at work and putting together an all inclusive rar file with everything needed (except bios and games :p ) including CEP with instructions.... to enable cheats ;D