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Title: Let's Compare - Buggy Boy
Post by: TrekMD on April 17, 2015, 22:44:18 PM
Buggy Boy, also known as Speed Buggy, is a driving style arcade game developed by Tatsumi in 1985. The object of the game is to drive around one of five courses (Offroad, North, East, South or West) in the shortest time possible. Each course has five legs, each filled with obstacles such as boulders and brick walls. Points are awarded for driving through gates and collecting flags. Offroad is a closed-circuit course that takes five laps to complete while North, South, East, and West are each a strict point A to point B style course.

The player could also hit logs and tree stumps in order to jump the buggy over obstacles, gaining extra points while airborne. Extra points are also rewarded for driving the buggy on two wheels.

The original, cockpit version of the arcade cabinet was well known for its panoramic three-screen display, a feature previously employed in TX-1. An upright, single-screen cabinet was released in 1986 under the name, 'Buggy Boy Junior'.

Source:  Wikipedia (http://http)

Title: Re: Let's Compare - Buggy Boy
Post by: guest5346 on April 17, 2015, 23:16:29 PM
I enjoyed this on on arcade and on the ST - both great games.  Is it you that make these videos, TrekMD?  If it is - then thanks, I love all your videos :)  I also have a question - what determines the order of the versions?  I like to think it is your idea of which is the best version, so it is always nice to see the ST after the Amiga, even though it doesn't happen much!
Title: Re: Let's Compare - Buggy Boy
Post by: TrekMD on April 17, 2015, 23:26:02 PM
I'm glad you like the videos, darklight, but I'm not the one who makes these.  They are posted by Gaming History Source on YouTube and I just share them here to generate discussion.  :)
Title: Re: Hello There
Post by: Greyfox on April 19, 2015, 01:05:37 AM
A massive classic that was buggy boy, first time ever seeing this or playing it was on the Atari ST amazingly converted by the great software house Elite to the ST this was simply pure arcade experience and when I finally got around to playing the arcade version it was great but I think the ST version was actually better, maybe it was because it was grounded to the Atari st that I ever played maybe?

But it was a great idea for a driving game and one to play before you die, that video doesn't do the game justice.  :41:
Title: Re: Let's Compare - Buggy Boy
Post by: guest5590 on April 19, 2015, 16:24:45 PM
This was one of my favourites on the Amstrad, but my memories certainly don't match up with the video I just watched! I don't remember it being so slow! I do recall being blown away by the night and day difference when I played it on my Atari ST years later, though!  A great game but one that I sadly never saw in the arcade.
Title: Re: Let's Compare - Buggy Boy
Post by: zapiy on April 21, 2015, 16:11:38 PM
Loved this game back in the day, think i owned both the Speccy and Amiga versions...
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