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Title: Uncontrolled - New Atari ST Homebrew!
Post by: TL on February 06, 2014, 16:26:12 PM

[size=140]Uncontrolled is a new homebrew game for the Atari ST. It is also the first ST game by well-known 8-bit Atari group Masters Of Electric City. It features pretty parallax scrolling, a cool tune by Dho and addictive gameplay. The game itself is nothing ground breaking or a demonstration of what the machine can do but is a welcome sign of for the 16-bit Atari that shows homebrew game makers still love the ST![/size]


[size=140]One button gameplay is always enjoyable! Here you must jump between the blue bars, energy is increased by pressing on the long one, and you effectively jump when it's released.[/size]

[size=240]DOWNLOAD HERE! (http://http)[/size][/align:3t42e1ys]
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