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Title: Pooyan - New Commodore VIC-20 Homebrew!
Post by: TL on January 15, 2014, 19:20:02 PM

[size=140]Denial forum member Beamrider (Adrian F) has released a version of the 1982 Konami arcade classic Pooyan for the VIC-20. He has uploaded a new version of the game HERE (http://https) - this contains a few bug fixes and a slight speed improvement. Barring any major issues this will probably be the final release. He wanted to add more features from the arcade version (different coloured balloons, end of level cut scenes etc) but has run out of memory and didn't want make it need 24K and thus difficult for most people to play on real hardware.[/size]


[size=140]Mama Pig defends her home and rescues her "Pooyan" (the kidnapped piglets) riding an elevator car moved by two "Buuyan" (controlled by the player with a Y-axis [up and down] joystick), and uses a bow and arrow with slabs of meat against the balloon-riding wolves and their boss (the latter being pink in color while the former are red). There are two stages. In the first, the wolves are riding to the bottom of the screen, and if Mama does not shoot them down, they will climb up the ladders and try to eat her. [/size]


[size=140]In the second (occurring after an "intermission" sequence), the wolves are riding to the top of screen, and if enough wolves get there, they will push a boulder on top of Mama, resulting in a life being lost. In both cases, the stage is cleared by shooting all the wolves, though in the second stage the boss must be shot down (which will take many shots unless the meat is used), otherwise the wolves will keep coming. After the second stage is cleared a bonus round begins. In one type, Mama must shoot all the wolves only using meat, while in the other she must use regular arrows on the fruits. Afterward, the game begins anew with higher difficulty.[/size]


[size=240]DEVELOPMENT THREAD! (http://http)[/size][/align:2dl72ejb]
Title: Re: Pooyan - New Commodore VIC-20 Homebrew!
Post by: zapiy on January 16, 2014, 10:14:28 AM
Now that looks fantastic for that system.. :113:
Title: Re: Pooyan - New Commodore VIC-20 Homebrew!
Post by: TrekMD on January 16, 2014, 14:46:49 PM
This does look pretty good.  This is a game I wish would get ported over to the 7800!
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