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Title: The Homebrew Hardware Library
Post by: TrekMD on September 11, 2013, 19:11:29 PM
The Homebrew Hardware Library
Consoles & Handhelds
8189 Block Sega Mega CD Backup RAM Cart (http://http)
Atari 2600 Harmony Cartridge (http://http)
Atari 2600RGB (http://http)
Atari 2600 & 5200 ProPaddle Controllers (
Atari 5200 Compact (http://http)
Atari 5200 Portable (http://http)
Atari 7800 Dragonfly Cartridge (
Atari 7800 Portable (http://http)
Atari 7800 Pro-Line Arcade Stick (http://http)
Atari 7800 XM (http://http)
Atari Jaguar SD Cartridge (
Atari Jaguar Portable (http://http)
Atari Lynx AgaCart (
Atari Lynx McWill LCD Screen (
Atari Lynx SD Card Cartridge (http://http)
Atari Lynx TV-Out (http://http)
AtariVox+ (http://http)
ColecoVision Super Game Module (http://http)
GameCube HDMI Video Adapter (
GameBoy BitBoy (http://http)
Game Gear LCD Replacement (http://http)
Grape64: N64 Portable (http://http)
Intellivision IntelliXpander (
Intellivision LTO Flash MultiCart (http://http)
Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Power Base Converter FM (http://http)
Mateos VECTREX Multigame Cartridge (http://http)
NES Chip Maestro (http://http)
NES Everdrive N8 Pro (
N64 HDMI Converter (http://http)
N64 EverDrive 64 (http://http)
Pocket Atari 2600 (http://http)
Ultimate Atari Cart (Atari 8-Bit) (
Sega Dreamcast 'DreamConn' Wireless Control Pads (http://http)
Vectrex 32 (
Vectrex 72-in-1 Multicart (http://http)
Vectrex Crazy Cartridge (http://http)
Vectrex Overdrive Controller (http://http)
Vectrex Richard Hutchinson's VecMulti Cart (
Vectrex Vectrosis Spinner Controller (http://http)
Vectrex YETI Controller (http://http)
Videopac/Odyssey 2 200-in-1 Multicart (http://http)

Amiga CD32 Project Hermes (http://http)
C64 Inception 8-Player Multitap (http://http)
C64 Multicart 64 (http://http)
Oric SD Card Loader (http://http)
Project Cassiopei (http://http)
SC-3000 Mk II Multicart (http://http)
SIO2BT: Atari XE Cassette Tape Loading Bluetooth Add-On (http://http)
USB DB9 Joystick Adapter (http://http)

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