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Title: Huenison - New Commodore Amiga Homebrew!
Post by: TL on June 02, 2013, 14:21:10 PM

[size=140]Some of you may remember the rather positive Huenison preview that RGCD (http://http) published a couple of months back. Well, it seems that Simone Bevilacqua of Retream (http://http) was rather enamoured by the write-up, and after their successful relationship in handling the cartridge of his C64 eat 'em up Quod Init Exit (http://http) he offered RGCD the opportunity to publish the game in both digital and physical formats! Needless to say, they are super proud to be involved in the release of such a unique game.[/size]


[size=140]Do you know those weird, meaningless games that you find yourself instantly drowned in and hopelessly addicted to? Be warned: you just stumbled upon one. A great one. Huenison takes various elements from Arkanoid, Decathlon, Dyna Blaster, Impossible Mission, Oil's Well, Pac-Man, Pang, Qix, Slam Tilt, Space Invaders, Tetris and Vital Light, and puts them together in a hectic arcade mix. All in retro visuals and synthetic sonorities that recall the revered Commodore 64's SID chip.[/size]


[size=140]Work has been continuing on Huenison, including a few extra game modes and brick types, but mainly Simone has been polishing and tweaking things for the final release. More importantly for the hardcore Amiga crowd, as with his previous release BOH, Huenison will be available for both PC and Amiga OS 4. More information will follow soon, but for a taste of what is to come, check out the teaser trailer HERE! (http://http)


[size=140]FEATURES: immediate hectic addictive gameplay · 25 levels · 9 game modes · huge variety of bricks and bonuses · C64-style music, speech and sounds · cool graphic modes · online hiscores · exciting SID-prog OST.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: 500 MHz 32-bit CPU · 32-bit graphics card · 16-bit sound card · 12 MB RAM · 32 MB disk space · AmigaOS 4.1 / Windows XP
RECOMMENDED RESOURCES: 800+ MHz CPU · internet connection · audio CD player[/size][/align:3umudum7]
Title: Re: Huenison - New Commodore Amiga Homebrew!
Post by: Greyfox on June 02, 2013, 15:27:29 PM
didn't know about this one..must check it out..thanks pal for the heads up :)
Title: Re: Huenison - New Commodore Amiga Homebrew!
Post by: AmigaJay on June 02, 2013, 21:25:39 PM
Yeah saw this, shame it's not for classic AmigasĀ  :21:
Title: Re: Huenison - New Commodore Amiga Homebrew!
Post by: zapiy on July 18, 2013, 14:45:31 PM
oh i love the look of that..