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Title: PC Demo Released For NG:DEV.TEAM's 'Redux' Coming soon on DC
Post by: zapiy on December 27, 2012, 15:14:34 PM
Redux: Dark Matters - the first kickstarter shmup ever - Beta Demo is now finished and ready to download. We hope you enjoy this Demo and give us great feedback!! Enjoy!

The Demo runs in 540p window mode on Windows Vista /  Windows 7 /  Windows 8. You might use the "Redux_Configuration_Utility" to cutomize your controls for game controller and keyboard. Oh, and let us know your operating system (OS) and hardware configuration if you have any issues with this demo.

Now let's shoot some Robots in space!

Redux: Dark Matters PC Beta Demo v.1.0 download: ... (

Redux: Dark Matters is to be released on Sega Dreamcast and iPhone in Fall 2013. (, (, (
Title: Re: PC Demo Released For NG:DEV.TEAM's 'Redux' Coming soon o
Post by: DreamcastRIP on December 27, 2012, 21:58:33 PM
Many thanks for the heads-up on this game's demo and cool to be able to play it on a PC!

I've just played it a couple of times and although it's an improvement over Dux I'm still left with a feeling of 'seen it all before'. The gameplay felt a little plodding, souless and 'by the numbers', imho.

I hope the game is a commercial success but I'm happy that I pre-ordered Sturmwind instead. Saying that, this game is coming to iOS too so I'll probably pick it up at some stage for that rather than the DC version.
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