Started by revivalstudios, July 09, 2012, 13:01:35 PM

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Here is some information about my latest releases for the philips videopac and magnavox odyssey2 systems.


In this game you are controlling a nice multicolored spaceship, having to dodge the hordes of asteroids coming towards you.
The game is playable on all Videopac, Videopac+ and Magnavox Odyssey2 systems, but also includes additional support for high resolution backgrounds on Videopac+ systems, and digitized speech through the voice module.

More than that, players could also submit their highscores and achievements online through the use of a code, something has not been seen in any videopac/Odyssey2 game before.

Check out the trailer here: ... r_embedded

Game features:
- Playable on Videopac and Odyssey2 consoles
- High resolution background on Videopac+ consoles
- Digitized speech using The voice add-on
- Animated multicolor sprites
- Internet highscore uploading
- Online rewards system
- Hidden gameplay mode

The game is still available on cartridge.
You can now order your copy by mailing to"> 

For more information about the game, go to the Astrododge for Videopac game page at - homebrew game development for classic game consoles
Follow me on twitter ( @revival_studios) for the latest information about my upcoming projects


Love the look of that game, superb stuff!!!!  :)