Amiga Star Wars


  Empire Strikes Back - By Donmark

This is pretty decent conversion by Domark of the classic Atari arcade game for the Amiga. With mouse as an option you have analogue control, which helps out a lot with the feel of the game. The game features 4 different stages - destroying communication probes, skirmishes with the AT-AT walkers, space battles with TIE fighters and avoiding asteroids. I suppose they were done to tie in with the film and distinguish it from the first game, but some of the elements don't work very well. The dogfight in space has been done before and the asteroid dodging is just tedious. The graphics (simple vectors) capture the feel of the arcade version. The sound effects, music and samples are near enough arcade perfect. However, what counts against this game is that it gets very repetitive after a while and sort of loses its appeal. That was always the main problem of the game - trying to live up to its predecessor, which whilst having a more simple game stages seems more compelling and enjoyable.

Review by Katzkatz


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