Foggy’s Quest: To NARG and Back Again.

Most of you who is part of the retro game scene will have heard of John Blythe. He is probably better known as Rucksack Games. John is very active in the homebrew scene and is know for creating some great new games for the old 8-bit systems. So having a chance to play one of his many games was always going to be interesting and quite fun. Getting to play a new Spectrum ZX game in 2018 is great fun and it instantly takes me back to my childhood of buying games on a Sunday morning from the local newsagent’s with my pocket money. So let us take a look at this John Blythe game in more detail.

Foggy’s Quest: To NARG and Back Again sees you taking control of the main character Foggy. He is quite a avid traveler and regularly takes visits to other dimensions. This time he decided to go and explore the mysterious Dimension 52b but as with most travel plans they don’t quite go to plan. On his arrival he is attacked by the NARGs. They decided that his ship contains vital parts like crystals and a Dimension Slicer and steals them from him. But in the chaos he manages to get away to find himself in a series of caves. His goals are quite simple…find the crystals, the slicer and his ship.

The game has been created using the popular Arcade Game Designer software. While this is a great piece of software it has memory limitations, so the game has around 17 rooms that you get to explore while trying to find the parts required to leave the dimension. The attention to details in the caves is fantastic and the gameplay is very smooth all the while the sounds are simple and fits the game perfectly. If you like platform adventure games and you were a fan of titles like Dizzy, then Foggy’s Quest: to NARG and Back Again will definitely be right up your street. You owe this to yourself to try this game out.

  • 8/10
    Gameplay - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Graphics - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Sound - 8/10


Foggy’s Quest: To NARG and Back Again captures the essence of many great platform adventure games that were released in the 80’s on the 8-bit systems of the day. Very enjoyable experience.


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