Doc Cosmos – A New Physical Release for GBC

A New Gameboy Colour game from Bitmap Soft is now available to buy.

Explore the outpost, find the device and return it to the rocket to start your retirement as a very rich man! Watch out for spikes and water, Doc can’t swim (it’s a long story!) and he’s not fond of becoming a human kebab!

Along the way, you will find colored keys that will unlock doors to help Doc progress. You can carry three keys at a time, one of each color, red, green, and blue. Each colored key will open one door of the same color before being consumed.

Once Doc finds the time travel device, he will be able to shift timelines between the present-day and 1989. The device consumes power and can be used three times before requiring a recharge at the terminals found throughout the outpost.

In the “present” timeline, Doc will be able to jump with a lot of control, allowing Doc to be controlled in mid-air. In the “past” timeline, however, Doc will look and control differently, being able to jump less high but slightly further forward and with no additional mid-air control, much like early video games. Additionally, some map elements are only present in one timeline and not the other, switch timelines to discover hidden ladders, bridges, and other things to help you get through the map.

All of the planet’s wildlife is deadly and must be avoided at all costs. Doc has no way to kill the creatures he comes across but can manipulate the timelines to trap them in map scenery in some cases.

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Retro head and key holder of RVG.

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