Cannon Spike


If you’re a fan of Capcom games, you are sure to enjoy Cannon Spike. Cannon Spike is an overhead shooter/action game that feature a cornucopia of characters from the Capcom games. Here you will find such characters are Mega Man, Charlie (Street Fighter) Arthur (Ghouls’n’ Ghosts), Baby Gonnie Hood (Dark Stalkers), and Cammie (Street Fighter). Retro gamers are sure to recognize the bunch! The story of the game sets events in the year 20XX.


The world economy is in shambles and terrorism is rampant. To fight the terrorists, the World Union for Peace has organized a special team equipped with Motor Boots that give the increased mobility needed to fight the robot soldiers the terrorists are sending into every city. As a member of the Anti-Robot Special Force, it is your job to make the world safe. The gameplay in Cannon Spike is fairly straightforward as your goal is to defeat all the enemies that appear on screen to then fight a boss. The stages don’t last long and the bosses can be beaten with a few good hits. Even if this does sound simple, the nine different levels to choose from keep making things more interesting for you. Your high scores are actually saved according to the difficulty you choose to play at. Cannon Spoke has excellent graphics, excellent control, great sound effects, and lots of action to keep you coming back. If you like shooters, Cannon Spike should not be missing from your Dreamcast library. You are sure to enjoy this one! 


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