Burger Time


Having secured the rights for Burger Time, Mattel not only released versions for their own Intellivision but for other systems as well, including the Atari 2600. The premise of this port is the same as in the arcade, the player guides Peter Pepper through several platform mazes in which ingredients for making hamburgers (buns, burger patties, and lettuce) are spread.

He must walk over these ingredients until they fall down to plates at the bottom of the screen. Peter is not alone, however, as there are several living food characters who chase him around the mazes in order to stop him. This particular port changes those characters a bit and now includes a Hot Dog, an Egg, a slice of Cheese, and Breadsticks. Peter can defend himself from these characters in three ways: he can drop an ingredient over them, give them a ride on a falling ingredient, or use pepper against them to temporarily freeze them in place. Peter’s supply of pepper is limited but he can gain more by picking up bonus items that appear in the maze. Though this port captures the essence of the arcade, this game is lacking in several respects. Gameplay is slow and Peter moves like a snail. Controls don’t respond very well and collision detection leaves much to be desired. The graphics are also on the weak side. The Egg is nothing more than a white square and the mazes and burger ingredients are all in one colour (the ingredients gain their colours when they fall on the plate). Sound is pretty good, however, as the game has the arcade tune and sound effects are recognisable. There’s also a two-player option and even a pause feature.


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