Some games need very little in terms of introductions and Asteroids is certainly one of those games. Based on the highly successful vector arcade game by Atari, this 2600 version bring home the fun of the arcade along with 66 different variations of gameplay to keep you stuck to your console.

Of course, the game does not have vector graphics and instead has “filled up” asteroids and ships but there is no confusing this game with anything else. As in the arcade, you control a ship that is stuck in the middle of an asteroid field and the only way out is to blow up the asteroids until they are gone. Your ship may have unlimited ammunition but the asteroids also seem to be in unlimited supply because as soon as you are done clearing a wave, more appear and in greater numbers. Hit the asteroids with your lasers only to have larger asteroids split into medium sized asteroids than then split into smaller ones before you can totally blast them away. Of course, you also have hyperspace and shields to help you survive the asteroid field. Of course, you have something else to worry about. Some nasty aliens are trapped in the asteroid field also and they are out to get you. Make sure to blast them before they destroy your ship. Though Asteroids has been surpassed in quality by homebrew programmers (look for Space Rocks), this game remains a classic and one worth having in your 2600 game library.


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