The Amiga Works by Allister Brimble: Review.

For those who don’t know Allister’s background, he has composed music and sound effects for the video game industry since the mid-1980’s including music score for games such as Alien Breed and Project X both of which are included in this album, The Amiga Works by Allister Brimble.

The album itself was born from a successful Kickstarter campaign that Allister ran back in 2012, so what is this album like? Well in my opinion it’s fantastic, as a huge fan of anything Amiga I knew I was going to love this album, I imagined sitting down with my headphones on just disappearing back in time, to the good old Amiga days.  Allister really has done a great job with the look of the CD, the labels are fantastic as is the printed CD. The addition of the USB that comes with the special edition version of this Album is packed with extra goodies such as. The small image that wrapped around the USB Stick gives a quality product look and feel to it. All the artwork was by Rico Holmes who also made the graphics for the Team 17 games.

Playing the Album

Eagerly I put the first CD into my Stereo system and it was more than I had hoped for, this is the classic tunes that we all loved remastered for the digital age and modernised without loosing its retro edge.

Tracks from Alien Breed , Assassin , Zeewolf , Overdrive , Project X , Sexy Robots , Troddlers , Body Blows Galactic , Full Contact, Spellbound Dizzy, Dojo Dan , Subwar 2050 and Superfrog are represented.  All these tracks really are top notch, crystal clear gems, Allister clearly made every effort to make sure his work was as professional now as it was when creating the original tracks.  Alien Breed, Project X and Body Blows are my favourite tracks and I have to say if Allister was to read this, that I am stunned at how you keeping pulling great music out of your bag but truly great work.

The addition of the USB stick in the what I am calling the “Special Edition” pack has added that extra wow factor. The original tracks and desktop images have kept me amused for hours and no doubt I will keep coming back to them for a long time to come. Below is a list of what can be found on the stick.

* MP3’s of all the Amiga Works tracks
* MP3 / Flac of my first album Sounds Digital, remastered
* MP3 / Flac of my second album Bang Tick Tick, remastered
* MP3 of the original Amiga tracks with mastering
* The actual Amiga MODS
* Desktop backgrounds
* Original artwork
* Ring Tones
* Vocal samples from the games
* 11 Bonus Tracks


Well I think I have praised this loads already and you probably get the idea that I loved this. So what are you waiting for go and treat yourself. You deserve it.

This is a must for any fan of these games or retro gaming in general.

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  • 9/10
    RVG Rating - 9/10


Simply stunning music album.


Retro head and key holder of RVG.

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