Alien Syndrome

It is the year 2089. Humanity has established colonies in the outer planets and has been enjoying peace. Unfortunately, a race of aliens attacks one of the colonies and captures the colonists on their starships. Thankfully, you were able to escape which means that rescuing the trapped colonists falls to you.

You will hunt down the alien ships, board them, attack the slimy creatures and their bosses and free the humans they have imprisoned. This is the story behind Alien Syndrome, an overhead shooter in which you get to play as either Ricky or Mary as you travel through six different alien ships rescuing humans and killing aliens. Each ship has 12 prisoners that you must rescue before you face off against that ship’s boss. The exit that takes you to the freakishly ugly boss doesn’t appear until you’ve rescued the required number of prisoners. As you move through the ships keep an eye out for certain power ups that will help you deal with the aliens more effectively. There’s a laser gun, a flame thrower, and several other items you can find. Something to remember as you are looking for prisoners is that you’re on the clock before the ship explodes. Once you defeat the alien boss, you move unto the next ship with ever increasing difficulty. Tengen’s port of Alien Syndrome does capture the gameplay of the arcade but it has simpler graphics. Sound is good but the music doesn’t compare with the menacing tones from the arcade. It just sounds “too happy” for something that is supposed to be dreadful. Overall a good game, however, and a worthwhile title to have.


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