Alien Brigade


You are a soldier who has been given the task of uncovering the reason for the strange behaviour other soldiers have been displaying lately. What you uncover is the stuff of science fiction as aliens have taken over those other soldiers and now control them to do their bidding. Not only have the aliens brainwashed many of your buddies, they’ve also taken over their bodies and turned them into M-16 trotting zombies that do the aliens’ every whim.


As if that weren’t enough, the aliens have a weapon that will let them do the same to every person on Earth. You must stop them or the Earth will fall. Are you ready? Alien Brigade is an original 7800 title that was inspired by Taito’s Operation Wolf. Like that title, this is a side scrolling shooter that you can play using a light gun (preferably, though the regular controller works) where you play the role of the hero soldier as you face the aliens through five different scenarios: Deep Jungle Camp, South American River Resort, Underwater, Alien Cave Base, and Main Alien Mountain Base. Each of these scenarios has different difficulty and a variety of enemies that you must face. As you travel through them, additional weapons become available that you can add to your arsenal. These become quite important if you are to survive. To keep you on your toes, you must also be watchful for civilians that you must protect. Alien Brigade is an excellent addition to any 7800 owner’s library. The only problem is finding the game as it was released at the end of the 7800’s life so it is a bit rare and can be expensive.


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