Adventure II


Adventure – such a simple name yet one that became a remarkable success and the first game of its kind on a home console, namely the Atari 2600. The 5200 adaptation of Adventure preserves the formula of the original game while expanding upon it. As with the 2600, your “character” is a brave square who must traverse several kingdoms, landscapes, and rooms in search of a magical chalice that must be returned to the golden castle.


In your journey you must face dragons, trolls, and minotaurs. The dragons are very aggressive and are not exactly easy to kill. If you are wondering how you get to slay a dragon that answer is simple – you have to find a sword in one of the rooms or mazes so you can be ready to defend yourself. There are other objects you’ll want to pick up and use as you play Adventure II but you can only carry one at a time. Visually, Adventure II is stunning. Where the 2600 version had simple graphics, in this 5200 version the landscapes, castles, and enemies are highly detailed and colourful. The hedges, river, bridge and other items just look fantastic. Yes the dragons look more like seahorses but I think that’s part of the charm of the game. Adventure II offers 22 game variations to choose from and lets you choose how big of a “world” you want to play in. This is an adventure well worth having for your 5200!


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