Trap Door.

This game was a tie-in to the old ITV claymotion animated children’s TV show and is a rather unique puzzle game. Berk, the blue coloured man servant, is now under your control. He is charged with performing tasks for “The Thing Upstairs”. Berk is joined by Boni (a talking skeleton’s head) and Drutt (an oversized spider, which is his pet). The game is set across 6 different screens in the Monsters’ Castle, with locations like a pantry, cellar and of course the room containing the aforementioned trap door.

The puzzles usually involve preparing some thing for your master to consume, like for example, a can of worms, and then sending it up via the elevator. There are various items dotted around you in the castle, but also have to occasionally use the monsters which come out of the trap door! This is where it can become hectic! Once the creatures’ assistance has been given, it then needs to be put back down the trap door. The graphics display the characters and locales very well. The scrolling is a little on the slow side. There is little sound in this game, but that’s okay. The gameplay starts off easy, but then soon gets harder. It seems to capture some of the charm of the TV show on which it is based, and offer a rather novel type of game for its genre.

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