This game was sort of inspired by the arcade game “Gravitar”. You take control a spaceship which is subject to the laws of physics (such as gravity and inertia). This makes controlling it very difficult – but that is the main point of the game. The spaceship is equipped with a laser, thruster, tractor beam and a shield. Your task is collect a pod from a series of planets and fly into space with them. You use the tractor beam for this collection and for the fuel cans, which appear on the planets as well. You burn fuel every time you activate the thruster or the shield.

The thruster propels your ship forwards. Gravity forces it back down though. On each planet, there is usually a turret (taking pot shots at you – so be wary), or in later levels several of them. They can be destroyed with a single shot or the ship’s shield can handily protect you from their shots. There is also a nuclear reactor on the planet. Firing at the nuclear reactor a couple of times will make the turrets go offline for a limited period of time. Destroying the reactor will blow up the planet; if you do that then make sure you have the pod – then make a speedy escape! Precision and timing are the keys here. You need a lot of dexterity with the controls on this game. It can be frustrating at times. There are six levels. Once they are completed then it goes on a repeat loop, throwing things like reverse gravity and invisible walls at you. The graphics and sound effects are limited, but that is in keeping with this style of game. A tricky game to master, but with its own rewards.

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