This is based on the old Arnie movie and is a sideways scrolling shoot ’em up. Arnie is now under your control and, basically, anything that moves wants a piece of you – so be prepared! Arnie has a limited number of bullets for his machine gun, but you can pick up guns from fallen comrades. He also has some grenades. Once in a while, the Predator might try and attack you with his infamous triangle.

The finale of the game involves you taking on the Predator in a fist fight. The game could have been a good movie license tie-in, certainly the atmosphere is there, but this game has some problems. The difficulty is rather high for one thing. The controls are very sluggish in places. The graphics aren’t bad apart from the sprites being too blocky and maybe relying on the green background too much. The sound effects and end game music are rather lame. As Arnie would say : “I’ll be back!” – er, no I won’t!

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