New Kickstarter: Master System: a visual compendium.

This will be the sixth visual compendium from Bitmap Books. Previous titles in the series on the Commodore 64, Commodore Amiga, ZX SpectrumNES/Famicom and SNES/Super Famicom have all been met with critical acclaim, most notably with the ZX Spectrum book, which won gold at the 2016 Roses UK Design Awards.

As the name suggests, within each compendium the visuals are the main focus, with 200-word soundbites of text accompanying each game spread. This may be a quote from the game’s original developer or artist, a review from a well known journalist, or even a fan recounting their favourite gaming memories. Within each book you’ll also find a series of larger features and interviews with developers and artists, ensuring a great mix of visuals and words. Overall, each these books contains around 60,000 words and hundreds of iconic images; each one is a perfect coffee-table art book.

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