Amigaville, the new magazine dedicated to our much loved Amiga and produced by Brian Hedley is now into it's 4th issue, covering game reviews, News, Special features and even has its own resident Grumpy Git.  It is a small magazine designed for the Amiga community and in time hopefully by the community too.


Fatal Smarties is the creation of four guys at this years game coding jam held at Southampton University this weekend (30/31 Jan 2016) its hard to believe that Mike Tucker(Design & Code), Matt Cope(Code), Jon Davies(Art) and Mike Clark (Music) took just 48 hours to create this fantastic looking game.




You know what it's like? The world is in black and white, you smoke cigarettes, wear a fedora hat, look like Humphrey Bogart, bad guys are on to you and there is a damsel in distress. It sounds like something from the era of film noir - but it is not, it's a C64 game, so maybe it's film brun (brown to the non French speakers amongst you)?

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Gary Lineker's Superstar Soccer


A celebrity endorsed football game for the C64. It is sort of “six-a-side” football here. There are teams from the USA and England included here. The game features a rather unique control system. You can either be the lead striker, goalkeeper or coach.

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This game features on the old “Soft Aid” compilation and is an early vertical scrolling shoot 'em up for the C64. It sort of plays like Namco's “Xevious”, but without any flying enemies – instead you only attack stationary ground targets and dodge their shots.

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First Samurai


Appearing late in the C64's life cycle, this game really pushed the old machine to the limits. An arcade platform game with some beat 'em up through in for good measure. It had already had some success on the 16 bits and PC. Taking control of a lone samurai, your task is to find and kill the “Demon King”.

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Druid 2 : Enlightenment


This game is the sequel of an interesting “Gauntlet clone”. You are the druid Hasrinaxx. About 103 years ago, you exiled the evil Acamantor from the world of Belorn. He didn't take too kindly to that and has returned with a vengeance. It's time to take him out again. Battle takes place over 15 different levels.

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A “Defender” type clone which was developed by Archer MacLean. The action takes place on the Jovian moon of Io. It has come under attack from aliens. You don a spacesuit fitted with a jetpack, laser, three smart bombs and cloaking device.

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Daley Thompson's Decathlon


This is the celebrated sports simulation and “joystick waggler” famously released to coincide with Daley's success at the 1980 and 1984 Olympics. The game features the 10 different sporting events from the decathlon.

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Colossus Chess


The classic board game is brought to the C64. All of the rules of Chess are implemented here (castling, en passant, under promotion, fifty moves rule, draw by repetition, draw by insufficient materials). At the time that was quite an technical achievement.

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China Miner


This is basically a clone of “Manic Miner” where the title character wears a conical hat to resemble a Chinaman (not racists at all!). The task on hand is to collect all of the objects on-screen then make your way to the “key” to progress to the next level. Along the way you'll have to avoid various enemies by jumping.

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Beamrider has a fairly simple premise. You are in control of a small craft which rides beams set above Earth's atmosphere on an alien “Restrictor Field”. Your ship has an energy weapon, and 3 torpedoes. Movement is restricted to side-to-side.

Read more: Beamrider


A View To A Kill


This is a James Bond movie license tie-in. Based on Roger Moore's final outing as 007. Sadly, rather like the film, it's a disappointing event. There 4 different sub-games in this, each taking scenes from the film. These are: a top-down racing type game, an action adventure type game, an “Impossible Mission” type game and finally a platform type game.

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Turbo Everdrive Review



Turbo Everdrive Product Review by Doug Titchmarsh (dougtitchmarsh)

Having tried the PC Engine / TurboGrafx on an emulator I wanted the actual hardware to play on. Ebay came up trumps where you can still pick up new and boxed systems. The next big problem is which games to buy, the TurboGrafx system is locked by region so you have to be careful which area to buy from.

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World 1-1 Film Review

Welcome to my first Video Game Documentary review! This exceptional movie is certainly a great way for me to get started! I feel this is a fantastic opportunity and I feel privileged to be allowed to do this video documentary review on behalf of RVG. World 1-1’s Film Producers and Directors, Daryl Rodriguez and Jeanette Garcia, took on the incredible task of documenting and producing a fascinating insight about the origin of the Atari brand from its birth in 1972. They interviewed the people behind this world famous brand, a brand that was second only to Coca Cola™ in terms of influence and recognition in the late 1970’s and 1980’s. We have here a documentary that long term Atari fans and vintage video game hobbyists have been waiting for since Atari closed its doors. Definitely something of a rarity these days.

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ZX Spectrum Vega Review

ZX Spectrum Vega Console Review by Jamie Battison (zapiy)

The Sinclair Vega was developed after a successful Indiegogo campaign which raised a staggering £150k. Soon after the Indiegogo campaign, SMS Electronics was chosen as the company to build and bring the console to market. One thing to bear in mind is that the Vega has been developed with the full blessing of Sir Clive Sinclair and that itself gives the console huge "must-have" appeal to me at least.

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RVG Interviews John Romero.


RVG is please to announce our latest interview with John Romero. John does not really need an introduction but he is an award-winning game designer, programmer and artist whose work spans over 130 games, 107 of which have been published commercially, including the iconic works Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM and Quake.

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RVG Interviews Coleco Holdings CEO Mark Thomann.

It gives us great pleasure to announce our latest interview with Coleco Holdings CEO Mark Thomann.

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RVG Interviews Bob Jacob.


RVG is pleased to release our latest interview with Bob Jacob, Bob founded Cinemaware in back in 1985, Cinemaware's first title was the popular Defender of the Crown, a swashbuckling adventure featuring graphics that were considered extraordinary for the era, and became the hallmark of Cinemaware's games. Cinemaware went on to release a string of hits based on a classic category of movies.

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