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Homebrew Games / Miky's Land, new Amiga game.
« on: December 04, 2017, 15:26:51 PM »

How cool does this look?


From the people behind the Art of Atari Book..

Since its inception 30 years ago, the Street Fighter(tm) video game series from Capcom has thrived based on a lethal combination of innovation, style and technique. From first-of-their-kind advances such as selectable characters and secret combo moves, to imagination-capturing characters such as Ryu, Chun-Li, and Akuma, Street Fighter has stayed a step ahead of the competition en route to becoming one of the most enduring and influential franchises in video game history. Undisputed Street Fighter(tm) features in-depth interviews and exclusive, behind-the-scenes looks into the making of the Street Fighter games, and the iconic art, design, and imagery from across the Street Fighter universe.

More here

Announcements and Feedback / RVG Podcast Idea. (Homebrew Heroes)
« on: November 29, 2017, 15:33:15 PM »
I am going to revive the podcast with immediate effect..

I am looking at doing homebrew only chat, we will be the only podcast focusing on homebrew across all systems, I am looking for voice recordings of reviews being submitted, the first one will be an Xmas special so if you fancy a 10-15 min slot on the podcast please post what you will cover here and submit it by the 2nd week of December please.

Retro Chat / Great Retro Wallpapers
« on: November 27, 2017, 19:45:10 PM »

I'm on the hunt for images like the 3d model style wallpapers depicting memories of how our gaming rooms looked.

Anyone got any others like this?


500 Years Later offers a thrilling deep dive into the creation of the revered PlayStation RPG. Comprising over 30 interwoven voices, this beautifully produced book will offer unprecedented insight into the craft and ambition behind the game.

Final Fantasy VII was one of the most groundbreaking videogames of the ’90s. Costing over $40 million to create, the project was a significant gamble for Japanese videogame developer Square. The game went on to sell more than 11 million copies and stands as the one of the best-selling PlayStation titles, celebrated for its progressive visuals, involving story and grand scale.

Read-Only Memory

Founded in 2012 by Darren Wall, Read-Only Memory has established itself as the leading voice in videogame history publishing. Our books recognise the pioneers, milestones and titles that have shaped the industry.

To see more and pledge visit here.

Announcements and Feedback / Frontend
« on: November 09, 2017, 10:41:01 AM »

You will see a new frontend, well its new to those that joined us since we went on to a joomla frontend.

Most of you new users would not have seen the amount of content we have, within these pages..

Some of the links work and some don't, I am slowly rebuilding this so please bare with me but please use the forum as you normally would.

Retro News Round up / The Secret History of Mac Gaming.
« on: October 31, 2017, 20:54:08 PM »

A beautifully produced, fully illustrated history of the pioneering Macintosh game scene. Spanning over 400 pages, this exhaustively researched book documents the landmark hits and arcane wonders that defined this much loved gaming platform.

This looks cracking and unusual.


Whilst rummaging around their attic earlier this year they only went and found ANOTHER unreleased NES game and this time another Dizzy one called Mystery World Dizzy.

This campaign is to raise funds to create a limited one-off run of this game for NES fans across the world.

Some of you NES fans might fancy this so see here


Rob Hubbards book and music cds..

Already successful with 5 days to go..

Check it out here

Retro News Round up / Spectrum Addict: LOAD "FILM 2"
« on: October 31, 2017, 20:44:31 PM »

Latest Update: 27 Oct 2917 - Improved Rewards & Perks for Load “Film 2” Backers

Spectrum Addict LOAD “FILM 2” is pretty much two-thirds funded, and I asked for feedback. Thank you! You guys helped me a lot. So, responding to feedback I wanted to a) state exactly what the NEW film will be about, and b) make some improvements to the pledges with added perks and bonuses if you back the new film.

A) For the sake of clarity, this film will focus on the new interviews (like with Mel Croucher and Jon Ritman), there will be a lot more about the history and technology of the Spectrum itself (and its variants, including the Amstrad takeover, with the tech side fulfilled with the help of Andy C Spencer from the Retro Computer Museum, because when I last visited, honestly: “I’ve seen things you people would never believe”); there’ll be much more about the GAMES themselves, with ‘guest’ reviews, we’ll be covering ALL the magazines this time – and there will only be the odd snippet from unused footage taken from the first film if I feel it’s appropriate.

Load “Film 2” is NOT a Frankenstein feature of bolted together old bits. It’s a brand NEW film.

B) I’m adding to the perks. Now EVERYBODY who backs the film will have their name in the end credits. For the £50 and above pledges, your name will more prominent in the film (outgoing initial credits, like the stars themselves) as opposed to en-masse in the list of names you normally see at the end, plus you’ll also get three signed photographs of the film’s stars (I’m currently negotiating, but many have agreed) as an added perk for your extra pennies.

C) Finally, everybody who pledges £10 and above will receive a link to watch the first film online (non-download SD) version.

 hope this adds clarity and helps improve your incentive to back this Kickstarter in its final week.

Check it out here

Announcements and Feedback / New Staff Needed.
« on: October 26, 2017, 16:01:09 PM »

I want to get some new staff onboard, I'm looking for people interested in a specific genre, be it Nintendo, Sega or maybe Coleco or Intellivision stuff.

If your a lurker or a member and your interested please pm me..

What we would want?

Simple, if a new game is released or a coding comp is announced or some other news relating to that genre please create a thread and so on oh and spread the RVG word.

Retro Events / REVIVAL: Generation X 2018
« on: October 20, 2017, 15:54:46 PM »

REVIVAL: Generation X 2018 is the latest upcoming show from Revival Retro Events, featuring the very best in dedicated retro video gaming exhibits and unrivalled gaming atmosphere! With literally DOUBLE the floor space of the previous year, 2018's main event will feature well over 250 playable systems and interactive attractions that will entertain any old school gamer, families, children and casual gamers alike, including:

- Over 150 playable retro consoles and computers

- Over 100 classic video arcade machines and pinball machines

- On-stage competitions and prizes

- Large screen multiplayer experiences and system link-ups

- An even larger selection of traders offering various retro collectables

- Live special guest talks and interactive workshops

- Reasonably priced, fully licensed bar and gamer's snack bar serving hot and cold food

- Accessible venue near M6 J9, with FREE Saturday and reasonable Sunday parking

- Choice of nearby hotels with direct rail and bus links to the venue

Tickets Available Through the Ticket Tailor Website

As well as all the best retro gaming attractions, REVIVAL: Generation X will be focusing on the evolution of electronic entertainment experienced by gamers who got their first dose during the video game revolution that kicked off at the dawn of the 80's. At double the size of 2017, the two major halls will each focus on a different period; the first will focus on the early days, with the dominance of the microcomputers and the golden age of the arcades. The second meanwhile will move into the 90's, with the influence of the import market pushing the pursuit of the latest technology and the late resurgence of the arcades inspired by Japan! Whether it be to pop along and have a quick arcade thrash, bring the family for a fun-filled day out, or grab your friends to enjoy a whole weekend of friendly competition, be sure to buy your tickets NOW and make sure any gamers you know don't miss out!

Anyone going?

Retro Events / Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2017
« on: October 20, 2017, 15:52:16 PM »

Who is going this year other than @trekmd?

Retro News Round up / SNES Mini Hacked
« on: October 11, 2017, 20:46:53 PM »

Already hacked people. 8)

Announcements and Feedback / Frontpage offline
« on: October 10, 2017, 21:29:29 PM »

I have had to disable the joomla front end due to a security issue and it will be back once i have it sorted.


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