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Title: Review of the Week - Haunted Adventure Triloy
Post by: TrekMD on October 26, 2014, 20:27:31 PM
[align=center:2mp918o2][size=180]Haunted Adventure Trilogy[/size]

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Continuing with the Halloween theme, here we have another appropriate title for this week's review.  Have you played this game, what are your thoughts on it, would you recommend it?

As the title implies, this special Atari 2600 cartridge holds not one but three different ghoulish adventure games: Haunted Adventure - Boo!, Haunted Adventure II - Redemption, and Haunted Adventure III - Witch’s Flight. The first two games are hacks/mods of Adventure, while the third is a hack of Atari 2600 Superman. In Haunted Adventure you must find the still-beating soul of old man Graves to end the curse of Spirit Bay. In Haunted Adventure II you start off just like in the original Haunted House but, once you find the urn, you must help old man Graves’ spirit achieve redemption by saving him from a greater evil. This game not only plays inside the mansion but also around and under it! In Haunted Adventure III you help the witch Jono Care recover the magical urn so she can return her haunted friends to their proper resting place while avoiding the creatures released by the evil Charon who is intent on taking over the world. As you can see, all of these games are a continuation of the story of the original Haunted Mansion. These games do expand that world and have new levels, new characters, and as many as 100 rooms to explore! The game graphics have been enhanced, new sound effects have been added, and even a new randomization engine is used in the higher levels. The games even have a pause feature to let you catch your breath. Overall, this trilogy is excellent and not to be missed by fans of the original Haunted House.

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