Virtua Racing Deluxe


Virtua Racing was one of the first racing arcade games to use 3D polygon graphics. Initially, it was felt that the game could not be ported to any home consoles because the game used a special board (called Model 1) that was too complex to replicate for a home system. Two years later, Sega introduced the Sega Virtua Processing chip that allowed them to port a paired down version of the game to the Genesis/MD.


It wasn’t until the release of the 32X that Sega was able to create a more arcade accurate port of their game for a home system. This Deluxe version not only comes closer to the arcade original but it also introduces two extra cars (Stock and Prototype) as well as two tracks not present in the arcade - Highland and Sand Park. As you start the game (and during the races) you can select from four different views: from the driver’s seat, from right behind your car, from behind and slightly overhead, or from way overhead. The views are selected with button C or with buttons X, Y, Z, and C if you use the 6-Button controller (recommended). The game offers three modes of play: arcade, time attack, or 2 Player VS. Arcade mode is just that, play like in the arcade. You will racing against 15 other cars! Time attack is only you against the clock and it is a nice way to get used to the controls to improve your skill. 2 Player VS allows you to race against a friend with a split-screen view. Virtua Racing Deluxe controls well, plays well, and is lots of fun. I’d say this is one of the best game for the 32X!

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