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Rambo III

Colonel Trautman has a new mission in Afghanistan, helping the Mujahedeen freedom fighters against a repressive Russian invasion. He aims to assemble an elite team to accompany him, and John Rambo is top of the list.

Found living an idyllic life in a Thai monastery, Rambo declines the advances of Trautman, stating that war has to finish for him sometime. The mission soon turns to disaster as Trautman is captured by the Russians, led by Colonel Zaysen. When military official Griggs informs Rambo of his mentors capture, he has no option but to go in…Alone!

The action in Rambo III loosely follows the film plot. It starts with an attempt to infiltrate the Russian fort then on to destroying artillery units and weapon caches before reaching the 6th and final level and rescuing Trautman. Boss battles occur at the end of levels 1, 3, 5 and 6 and take on a different viewpoint.

Rambo is equipped with a knife, a machine gun with unlimited ammo, explosive arrows and time bombs. Each of these are particularly useful at various stages. A useful trait when using the machine gun is that, when stood still, Rambo will spray his bullets slightly. Pretty neat.

The perspective throughout the game is kind of half way between top down and side on, a bit like Mercs or Ikari Warriors, and manages to fit a lot of action on the screen. The graphics are ok but the fact that the game is set in the sparse landscape of Afghanistan means the developers have had to be a little more imaginative in other areas.

One point to note about this game is that’s its hard! Rambo will die with a single hit and there’s plenty to try and dodge. It is fun to keep trying though and enemy positions can be memorised.

There is a rewarding longevity in short bursts with Rambo III as it’s a good dose of hectic action. I’d recommend it if you’re a fan of the genre.


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