Alien Storm


Alien Storm on the Mega Drive is a walk and fight game where you fight aliens to the death to save all of mankind. You begin by picking the difficulty level followed by your character from a choice of three, none of which seem to be too different. The aliens come at you in waves and you have to finish a wave before you can move to the next screen and next attack wave.

The titular aliens come in many forms that will team up on you, which means that you must be quick with the trigger. Some of them hide inside dustbins and other street items and will come out only after you have passed them by. You have one more weapon, should things get too dangerous, and it's a doozy for killing everything on screen. Unfortunately, this weapon is very limited and must be used wisely. The game also has sub levels where you get to target aliens in supermarkets and warehouses using crosshairs and a super fast scrolling screen which has you moving up and down to kill the aliens as they scroll towards you. Nice little side games to keep it varied. The graphics are big and bold on the Mega Drive with some acceptable effects when you shoot an alien, though nothing spectacular. The sounds are also average for the Mega Drive, with some suitably squelchy noises from the aliens and shooting sounds for the weapons. Controls are pretty simple to master and respond well. Alien Storm reminded me of Golden Axe but with an alien theme instead of the dragons and warriors of olden days. Pretty easy to pick up and play, and has some nice bold graphics but for me it was just as easy to put it back down again.

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