Fast Striker


Fast Striker is a brilliant vertical shooter effort from the excellent NG Dev Team! The first thing you will notice about Fast Striker is the visuals. The graphics are awesome, the polygon ships and backgrounds all look insanely good. The bosses are probably the stand out part of the games graphical style being epic in both scale and visuals, often having multiple moving parts and always shooting hundreds of bullets at you.

One way this game differs from some shooters of the same style is that you will collect coins or “Nuggets” whenever you shoot enemies. You can shoot enemies either while tapping fire or while holding it down however if you hold fire down the nuggets/coins will not drift towards you, where as they do slightly move towards you if you are simply tapping. I assume this was done to stop you holding fire down all the time, which I think is a great idea. It can sometimes be hard to keep up with what’s going on in this type of game, however with FS I found myself able to handle everything well even in pretty tough situations, due to the clever decision to make the backgrounds fairly uniform in terms of colour scheme and style throughout each level. Each mode that you chose gives you a different character to play with. There are several game modes: Novice, Original, Maniac and Omake. And the differences in these modes is pretty striking, each one has a different enemy style in terms of graphics and behaviour and you also get different rewards from shot enemies depending on the difficulty. One final thing to note about Fast Striker is the excellent ability to upload your scores to the web to compare with friends. For a console that died 12 years ago the Dreamcast is still going strong and receiving quality titles, and Fast Striker is one of the best of recent years.

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