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One thing that the Dreamcast has an abundance of is Platform games! Rayman, Sonic Adventure, MDK2, Fur Fighters... the list is long and plentiful. So many people might ask "why do we need another one?" but Dreamcast owners should definitely give Evil Twin a try, because as its name suggests... it is a far darker themed platformer than they will have seen on the system.

Evil Twin takes you to a world of dark childhood dreams, with weird oversized animals and insects attacking you, levels that look like they were made out of the sort of lost stuff you might find hidden under your bed, buttons, cloth, zips, drawing pins etc. In terms of artistic style Evil Twin is probably the most original platformer on the console, with imaginative level design and enemies and a gripping storyline as well as having truly delightful musical elements. Unfortunately it’s not all good news where Evil Twin is concerned. It is notorious for being one of the last retail games to be released for the system and as a result of this it was, many felt, terribly rushed to get out on time. The graphics sometimes have noticeable tears or textures might be missing, the collision and general physics mechanics in the game are very hard to get used to. Quite often you might find yourself jumping for a platform and from your perspective you may have timed the jump perfectly but Cyprien will inexplicably fall into the ocean or fly off into the distance. However if you can get past the frustrating glitches in both control and graphics there is a lot of charm and a lot to love here. Evil Twin isn't a fantastic game but its certainly worth a look for any self respecting platform fan and will reward you with a very long and engrossing story that will keep you hooked start to finish.

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