We all know and love Doom, sadly a sequel or port was never officially released on the Dreamcast. Thankfully the Dreamcast has a diverse and healthy homebrew scene and there have been many attempts to bring various different games to the platform in one form or another. Amongst all of the Doom ports that exist for the Dreamcast, this one stands out above all.

Where as many ports by various homebrew devs have tried to incorporate the Doom gameplay but maybe haven’t hit the mark with quality or playability or they have tried to incorporate TOO much such as levels from other Dooms and mods, this version created by Cryptic Allusion is truly top class. This version is massively true to the original game for PC, it even encourages you to play the game using keyboard commands rather than controller. The game also allows for multiple levels, difficulties and it even lets you play with full screen OR if you are so used to having a border round the action (32X) you can view it with the border, though why you would is anyone’s guess. It’s also important to note for those of you Jaguar fans that thus far there is no soundtrack, only the ambient sound effects inherent. Some people prefer this because it adds a nice realistic sheen to the game and makes it eerie and unsettling when you hear enemies making noises as they approach. The graphics and controls are nice though, as it’s a homebrew port it isn’t the best looking version of Doom you’ve ever seen, but certainly it’s the best looking Dreamcast port. Ignore all the other messy and rushed ports to DC this is the definitive version and is the only one you need.

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