Blue Stinger


Blue stinger stands out as one of the most unique Survival Horrors in recent years. It was available from launch and showcased the Dreamcasts ability to deliver action and horror, whilst still being able to have fun! Blue Stinger is your average survival horror only it has a few twists, first and most important of all is that the majority of the weapons and items you find are acquired by purchasing them from vending machines within the infamous and wacky "Hello Mart", which played some memorable jingles while you shopped! Now, you may be wondering how you would acquire currency to purchase said weapons, well that would lead me to explain one of the games other many differences from the norm.


Every enemy you kill drops gold coins, adding an obvious new element to this, somewhat tried and tested genre. The other major difference that this game brought to the table was a large abundance of unusual weapons, some of which included melee weapons such as baseball bats and even laser swords ala Star Wars! The graphics at the time were nothing short of ground breaking, being a release title in 1998 it was one of the first games in its genre to have fully in game engine 3d graphics used for the environments as well as the character models. The story doesn't take its self too seriously and it still has some genre draw backs, most noticeably the poor voice acting. But those minor gripes do not detract from the fun and action that ensues. Blue Stinger is lengthy, fun, cheesy and action packed.


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