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Do you remember that excellent series “Streets Of Rage” on the Mega Drive? Well Beats of Rage was a tribute to that series by the excellent “Senile Team” of Rush Rush Rally Racing fame. The game was Open Source and released in 2003. It opened the door to Dreamcast Homebrew developers the world over because the game was “Open Source”. It provided an avenue for people to create an incredible array of games based on the BOR engine, there are now games in existence which incorporate characters from all forms of popular culture, all the way from Alien Vs. Predator to X-Men to Ed, Edd and Eddy to Battletoads!

 A side scrolling beat em up Beats of Rage is basically a straight Streets Of Rage clone however it does have an excellent soundtrack of heady drum and bass sounds. Where the original Beats Of Rage differs is that it allows you to play as one of 3 characters from the King Of Fighters, while the enemy characters are all made up of the other members of the KOF roster. This is pretty much the formula for any of the other BOR mods. The gameplay is traditional "walk and punch" the graphics are suitably clean and well made while the character models look suitably stunning for an open source title. It is worth highlighting that different mod versions will tend to suffer from different issues such as slowdown and graphical inconsistencies. Definitely worth a download to avid Streets Of Rage fans or Dreamcast nuts, if only to see where the whole BOR thing started in the first place!

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