4 Wheel Thunder


Ready for some 4-wheel drive fun? I hope you said yes because 2 Wheel Thunder is just that! In this game you one of four different vehicles (Monster Truck, Buggy, Jeep & Quad) through 24 different tracks of mud-flying, tire-grabbin romp! The game offers different one-player and two players modes to select from. As a single player, you can use Practice, Arcade, or Championship mode. In two-player games you have Bomb, Bomb Race, Balloon, and Tag modes.


In the latter modes, the screen is split into halves so both players can play at once and compete. The vehicles you select all have different characteristics but you can also choose to use them with either manual or automatic transmission. This adds to the fun. Never mind that there are different Boost icons which add fuel to your vehicle. The tracks are quite varied and have hidden areas that work as shortcuts. The various modes of play will let you simply enjoy the game as an arcade or have you qualify to become a champion against 11 other drivers. In championship mode you can even customize your vehicle. 4 Wheel Thunder has excellent graphics, smooth animation, and nice sound effects. With the different modes, the car selection, and it’s addicting gameplay, it will have you coming back to race again and again. Certainly having the ability to look for shortcuts adds to the fun in the race against time. If you like racing games, I’m certain 4 Wheel Thunder will be a fun addition to your Dreamcast library.

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