Lemmings is classic puzzle game, seeing you take control of a number of lemmings trying to make their way across various landscapes to their home. On each level you have to save a certain percentage of the Lemmings, by giving them instructions. The number of instructions available depend on the level itself but in total there are 8 different activities: Climb, Float, Bomb, Block, Build, Bash, Mine, Dig. This is an excellent port of the game, which originally appeared on the Commodore Amiga.

Despite the Game Boy's limitations compared to computers and consoles of the day, the developers did an excellent job. There are some noticeable differences in gameplay between the Game Boy port and original, specifically each level tends to have less lemmings to control and there are a few minor things missing such as fast forward and reduce the lemming drop rate, but these are easily forgiven. Graphically the game is very detailed, even down to extra detail on each individual Lemming. The environments are well designed and nicely varied, although the game does sometimes flicker when there are too many lemming in one place. If you play this on the Game Boy itself be sure to plug in some stereo headphones as the soundtrack is a treat and makes full use of the Game Boy's limited capabilities. In terms of longevity, there are hundreds of levels to keep you going, spread across four difficulties, Fun, Tricky, Taxing & Mayhem. If you're new to lemmings i would suggest picking a console or PC version first to fully appreciate the game, but be sure to grab a copy for your Game Boy.

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