Anguna: Warriors of Virtue


Welcome to the world of Anguna! A world of fantasy and adventure in which you must traverse five dungeons and a large overworld. You are in control of a warrior who must face all kinds of enemies as well as boss monsters who will do everything they can to stop his progress. You start in the Prison Dungeon.

Finding the exit of this dungeon is key if you want to explore the rest of this magical world. You must be patient, watch your enemies, and learn how they behave so you can defeat them safely. Your warrior has the ability to collect weapons which can be used while navigating the dungeons. These weapons include a sword, a bow and arrows, bear traps, dynamite, a lantern, and magic boots, among others. In addition to the weapons you can find or purchase with the gold you collect, there are a number of power ups to help you survive. Within one of the rooms of the Prison Dungeon is a FireCroc, a fire breathing creature that will burn you to ashes if you are not careful. Once you find the exit to the Prison Dungeon, you’ll cross to the Dessert Dungeon and this is where the game starts in full force. Find all the keys, make it to the final dungeon, and face the monster leader so you can return home! Anguna is a fun and addicting adventure game for the GBA. It has beautiful graphics with nicely animated characters. Some cool music plays through the game to add to the ambiance. Overall an excellent game for the GBA and one that can be found for free on the author’s site ( He even offers to make it into a cart if you are interested!


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