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By the mid-‘90s, every video game icon from Mario to Mega Man had its own 3D adventure game, so it was only natural for Bomberman to get the same treatment. Bomberman Hero was not the first game in the series to be released on the Nintendo 64, but it was the one that perhaps made the shakiest transition to the 3D realm.

For starters, when you think of Bomberman, you think of its distinct gameplay in which you move along a grid and plant bombs to trap and defeat your enemies; it’s a simple but effective concept and always leads to very chaotic back-and-forth matches. Unfortunately, Bomberman Hero does away with all the best gameplay elements of the Bomberman series, and the result is a fairly mediocre action-platformer that fails to stand apart from the surplus of other platforming games in its time. The goal is to progress through a series of linear stages, defeating enemies and avoiding hazards en route to the exit. Most of the enemies look like they never left the drawing board: they have predictable attack patterns and pose little threat. Hudson attempts to break up the monotony with the occasional flying or underwater stage, but the controls feel counterintuitive and aiming is more cumbersome than it should be. Make it through all the stages and you’ll fight a boss at the end of each area, but the boss fights are usually tedious and suffer from poor design and inconsistent camera angles. The characters have that crude early polygonal look, yet the game came out in 1998, the same year The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time graced shelves. The soundtrack, on the other hand, is actually quite competent and accentuates the stylish space-age motif. Beyond that, you’re not left with much. Stick with the originals.

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