Blast Corps


Video games let you act out a lot of different fantasies. Some will have you speeding down racetracks, and others will put you in the cockpit of a starfighter. The possibilities go on and on, so it’s astounding that so few developers have tapped into what is surely a common fantasy for a lot of people: demolition.

In Blast Corps, demolition is the name of the game as you climb into bulldozers and level everything in your way for points. It’s a simple concept, but it’ll keep you busy for hours, especially considering the variety of vehicles at your disposal. The goal of each stage is to clear out a path for a transportation vehicle carrying a nuclear missile. If the missile so much as touches a stray object . . . bang! Straight to the moon! After you’ve cleared the way, you can drive around the level looking for additional structures to destroy, and you’ll earn a gold medal if you raze 100 percent of the map. As you progress through the game, you’ll gain access to a plethora of interesting demolition vehicles. You begin with typical bulldozers, but you’ll eventually have a chance to pilot an armored mech suit equipped with a jetpack. The additional vehicles will come in handy as the missions become more complex and start to integrate puzzle elements, like pushing dynamite into place. If your appetite for destruction hasn’t been satisfied by the end of the game, you can run through the levels in time trial mode, unlocking exotic new locations as you go. Blast Corps is a game with a simple premise, but one that it executes very well. Overall, the generous learning curve and addicting gameplay should have you coming back to this one frequently.

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