1080 Snowboarding


1080 Snowboarding hit shelves just after the 1998 Winter Olympics wrapped up, when winter sports were still fresh on our minds. It was one of the first games to offer an authentic snowboarding experience, with all the bumps and bruises that come with a day at the slopes. In 1080, you can choose from up to five initial characters, each with their own attributes and trick sets. Every character comes with eight boards you can select from depending on your situation.

If you’re participating in a race, you’ll want a board with tight handling and good acceleration, and if you’re entering a trick contest, you might want something different. The game modes include trick attack, where you perform daring aerial stunts for high scores, and match race, where you compete against another contestant in a race to the finish line. While the racing feature isn’t particularly groundbreaking, the trick attack is one of the first of its kind to let you perform dazzling snowboarding tricks like nose grabs and 360s. All of the tricks are mapped out to the B and R buttons, making it easy to pull off some spectacular moves. The graphics and overall feel of the game are to the best of my knowledge authentic to the sport. You’ll bounce and bob down slopes and bank turns while trying to keep your balance. This aspect of 1080 can be quite challenging, especially because the computer always executes the perfect route through every course. The gameplay and level design are cool, but after some time, you might grow tired of racing the same six courses. Indeed, one shortcoming of 1080 is that it doesn’t offer terribly much in the way of variety. But for a quick race now and then, you can’t go wrong with 1080.

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